Canoeing and Kayaking

canoe3The Brunswick Lake Lodge is located in Missinaibi Provincial Park which is one of the longest free flowing protected river corridors found in North America. The park boundary includes the largest lakes in the headwaters of the Missinaibi River running for 501 kilometres and encompassing 87,293 hectares. Mention the Missinaibi to whitewater canoeists, and watch their eyes light up. Known as a "Water Wilderness Park" the Missinaibi is one of Canada's great unspoiled wilderness rivers, located in Canada's most populous province, yet so remote that it is met by road and rail in only 4 places. The Missinaibi River is also a major tributary in the Moose River watershed draining into James Bay which is home to endless river systems that offer great scenery, wildlife viewing, canoeing and fishing. 

canoe1In addition to its provincial park status, the Missinaibi River is nominated as a Canadian Heritage River for its unspoiled scenic beauty, significant natural heritage features, such as the Fairy Point pictographs, some of Ontario's most significant aboriginal rock paintings,and its importance to the history of Canada’s development as a major Aboriginal and fur trading route.

The Missinaibi is, and always has been, a canoeing river, traversed for millennia by aboriginals and for centuries by fur traders. Brunswick Lake itself is the most significant historical fur trade location in the park. It was the site of the HBC’s primary and longest operating post on the Missinaibi River, from 1789 to 1879. However, the rival North West Company (NWC) also viewed Brunswick Lake and the HBC location as strategically important and opened a NWC Post on the Lake shortly after the HBC began operating there.


An Aboriginal fishing camp was located here just to supply these posts. This site is very representative of the overlapping, and intense rivalry for trade between the two opposing fur trade companies that relied on Aboriginal peoples and their ancient travel routes in the struggle to control the ‘pays du nord’. After the HBC merged with the NWC, all other posts on the Missinaibi River were closed showing the importance placed on the Brunswick Lake location.

For contemporary recreational canoeists, the Missinaibi has an enduring rugged, free flowing and wild character representing the ultimate in raw beauty, outdoor adventure, and personal challenge. 

If you're planning to canoe the Missinaibi, you will need a provincial park permit.



“ I hunted at the Brunswick Lake Lodge for the first time last year. Everyone I met was so friendly and I can't say enough about the hospitality. I was well taken care of by the staff along with my friends and customers I had with me. The food is excellent and I never went to bed hungry. The lodge accommodations are great. As far as the hunting goes this is a top notch place. I would highly recommend the Brunswick Lake Lodge. Can't wait to go back! "