Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

Rated by Pike Heaven as one of Ontario's best Northern Pike fishing lodges, the Brunswick Lake Lodge boasts monster trophy pike. Due to continuing conservation practises, populations of these trophy pikes are growing.  Last season there were a few 27+ pound pike caught and released. The official Ontario record is 42 pounds.

Length: 45-100cm (18-39in).

Weight: .7-8kg (1.5-17.5lb).

Where: Quiet, heavily vegetated waters.

Spawn: Early Spring in weedy bays after ice breakup.

Feed: fish, ducklings, frogs and small muskrats.

Bait: The Alligator of the North is a relatively easy game fish to catch due to its predatory habits. The best lures are big spoons, spinners and jerk baits, but pike will attack anything that looks big enough for a meal. One of the most effective baits is a big minnow fished beneath a float. Once hooked, Northerns typically leap or thrash the water surface, then make a series of powerful runs.



“Coming to Brunswick Lake for the first time, we didn’t quite know what to expect. All I can say is “wow!” It was the fishing adventure of our lifetime and aside from the magnificent fishing in the nearby estuaries and rivers, the fantastic meals we were served will remain a delightful memory for a long time.."